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Business aviation services

Business aviation is a special direction in civil aviation. It involves international and regional flights, but under special conditions. Business aviation does not depend on schedules and flights, which ordinary airplanes are obliged to follow. Therefore, they are able to provide the customer with a lot of advantages over conventional flights.


private aircraft directory


What is business aviation

Business aviation in our country is a relatively young industry, but a large number of people use its services. Contrary to popular belief, aircraft rental is not only the prerogative of the oligarchs. Today it is actively used by companies who rent planes for business negotiations. It makes it possible not only to arrive quickly for negotiations and solve urgent issues, but also to enhance the company's image.


business jet broker


Renting a private jet is possible not only for the flight of top management, but also for many other people who need it by necessity. These include athletes, patients, deputies, honeymooners, a small tourist group and so on. A private jet avoids unnecessary attention for famous personalities, singers, movie actors. It is also possible to rent a charter to transport urgent cargo, parcels or expensive bags.


Steps for booking a private jet flight
01.Flight request

dispatching available

a business jet

and payment

of documents

with flight data and
crew contacts

of the client

to the


Briefly 5 steps to booking a flight on a private jet:

  • Step 1 - Apply online. Contact us in any way convenient for you: by phone, via messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram), email or forms on the website.
  • Stage 2 -The consultant will respond to you within 10 minutes, you may need to clarify details to select the best option.
  • Stage 3 - Search and select available options. We will send you the most suitable offers.
  • 4 stage - Negotiating flight price, aircraft model and other details. Drawing up and preparation of documents.
  • 5 stage - Arrival at the airport. Implementation of the planned departure.

At every stage you will be accompanied by a dedicated account manager who will take care of all the details and help make the flight arrangements as smoothly and quickly as possible. As a rule, it takes between 3 and 10 hours to coordinate 1 turnkey flight. At all stages, a personal manager will help you to arrange the flight as quickly as possible.


Private jet rental in Ukraine


Conveniences and benefits of private jets

Business aviation offers its customers a lot of advantages:

  • the ability to fly on individual routes, which can be arranged at any convenient time;
  • there is no need to arrive at the airport to spend a few hours going through passport and customs control, baggage inspection, and so on. Instead of agonizing waiting and procedures, you can arrive and literally in a dozen minutes enjoy the views from the plane;
  • Business jet aircraft rental allows you to fly in comfort. It is a comfortable cabin, including additional opportunities in the form of availability of Internet, video equipment, tables for work. Some planes are equipped with showers and other amenities. The salons are equipped with special soundproofing, which provides maximum comfort, both for rest and for negotiations during the flight;
  • if the aircraft with the crew, he also can offer the client an individual menu and luxury drinks, as well as make his flight pleasant and comfortable;
  • significant savings in time, and therefore money;
  • no transfers, and the ability to take off and land at a variety of regional airports.


Business aviation of Ukraine


Private jet flight prices

The cost of flights on business aviation is formed by many factors, such as: the model of business jet, city of departure, itinerary, meals aboard, transfers to the airport, number of days of aircraft parking at destination point and much more. It is important to understand that in each request we take into consideration individual wishes of the client, therefore the difference in numbers for the same route can be very substantial. The quickest and the most precise way to find out the price of your flight is to leave an application on our website, our consultant will call you and get in touch with you in 15-30 minutes to give you all the details and suggest all the possible options. We will formulate them into a beautiful commercial proposal, which clearly shows: how much does the cost, the features of the aircraft and booking conditions - all this can be sent to the manager or the passenger himself.


online calculation of the price of a private jet flight


Popular tool is our online calculator, where you can calculate the cost of the flight online. To do this, please fill out all of the fields of the form and provide your contact information. In order to get the most accurate calculation, we kindly ask you to fill in the form as completely as possible. The answer will come to your email or messenger automatically. Just all the details of calculations can be clarified by a consultant in online mode - in any way convenient for you (on WhatsApp, Telegramm, via e-mail or chat on the site).

Flight cost calculator

Number of passengers
Date of flight
Return date
Your name
Your phone


Prices for regional flights within Ukraine

Despite the company's specialization in intra-European flights, one of the priority directions is regional flights within Ukraine. At the moment more than 90 % of our flights are from Kiev (Zhulyany) and Borispol airports. However the following destinations are getting more and more popular: Kharkiv, Kherson, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, and Ivano-Frankivsk. Below you can find the approximate cost of flights on the most popular routes within the country:

  • flight Kiev - Odessa, distance - 450 km, travel time - about 1 hour 5 minutes, price from 4000 €;
  • flight Kyiv - Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro), distance - 400 km, travel time about 1 hour 10 minutes, price from 3900 €;
  • flight Kyiv - Lviv, distance - 500 km, travel time - about 1 hour 20 minutes, price from 4200 €;
  • flight Kyiv - Zaporizhzhya, distance - 450 km, travel time about 1 hour 15 minutes, price from 4100 €;
  • flight Kyiv - Kharkiv, distance - 450 km, travel time about 1 hour 10 minutes, price from 4300 €;
  • flight Kyiv - Kherson, distance - 500 km, travel time - about 1 hour 20 minutes, price from 4100 €;
  • flight Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk, distance - 500 km, travel time - about 1 hour 15 minutes, price from 4150 €;
  • flight Kyiv - Chernivtsi, distance - 450 km, travel time - about 1 hour 15 minutes, price from 4300 €;
  • flight Kharkiv - Lviv, distance - 900 km, travel time - about 2 hours, price from 6000 €;
  • flight Odessa - Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro), distance - 400 km, travel time - about 1 hour and 05 minutes, price from 4600 €;
  • flight Dnipropetrovsk - Lviv, distance - 850 km, travel time - about 1 sas 40 minutes, price from 6200 €;
  • flight Kharkiv - Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro), distance - 200 km, travel time - about 50 minutes, price from 3300 €;
  • flight Ivano-Frankivsk - Odessa, distance - 550 km, travel time about 1 hour 15 minutes, price from 5000 €;
  • flight Odessa - Lviv, distance - 650 km, travel time about 1 hour 30 minutes, price from 5300 €;
  • flight Kharkiv - Ivano-Frankivsk, distance - 850 km, travel time about 1 hour 50 minutes, price from 6500 €.


Private jet rental


We also offer you examples of regional flights performed:

Complete regional flights





Hawker 1000

4 300 EUR




Challenger 850

3 950 EUR




Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+

4 100 EUR




Gulfstream G150

4 100 EUR




Cessna Citation XLS

4 150 EUR


Do you have any questions? Leave a request right on the site and a manager will call you back to clarify the details.



We will call you back and answer any questions about flights


Prices for international flights

In 11 years in business aviation we have learned to find the best options for flights to any point in the world. It is possible to fly to exotic and hard-to-reach places, by combining flights - part of the route is taken by a private jet and part by a business class helicopter. However the main specialization of our company is organization of business jet flights in Europe. Here we can offer unique flight conditions, due to large flight volumes and exclusive terms of cooperation with local companies.

Top 10 most popular destinations, with a flight from Ukraine:

  1. flight Kiev - Warsaw, distance - 700 km, travel time about 1 hour 35 minutes, price from 5800 €;
  2. flight Kyiv - Minsk, distance - 450 km, travel time about 1 hour 10 minutes, price from 4 500 €;
  3. flight Kyiv - Tel Aviv, distance - 2100 km, travel time about 1 hour 5 minutes, price from 13 200 €;
  4. flight Kiev - Vienna, distance - 1100 km, travel time about 2 hours, price from 7700 €;
  5. flight Kiev - Riga, distance - 850 km, travel time about 1 hour 45 minutes, price from 6500 €;
  6. flight Kiev - Frankfurt, distance - 1550 km, travel time about 2 hours 45 minutes, price from 10,800 €;
  7. flight Kiev - Istanbul, distance - 1100 km, travel time about 2 hours 10 minutes, price from 9000 €;
  8. flight Kiev - Paris, distance - 2050 km, travel time about 3 hours 15 minutes, price from 13 000 €;
  9. flight Kiev - London, distance - 2150 km, travel time about 3 hours 30 minutes, price from 13 500 €.


Here's a list of scheduled flights for 2021. This information will help you get a rough idea of the order of prices for international destinations.

List of current flights


Киев Kiev ➞  Vilnius


Hawker 1000

6 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞  Nice


Challenger 850

12 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞  Paris


Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+

13 000 EUR

Berne ➞ Киев Dnepropetrovsk


Gulfstream G150

14 000 EUR

Киев Odessa ➞  Larnaca


Cessna Citation XLS

9 500 EUR

Киев Ivano-Frankivsk ➞ Barcelona


Challenger 601

13 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ New York


Global Express XRS

49 000 EUR

Киев  Kiev ➞ Berlin


Gulfstream G150

10 500 EUR

Киев Lviv ➞ Salzburg


Falcon 8X

7 000 EUR

Киев Kharkov ➞ London


Global 5500

16 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Milan


Falcon 900B

12 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞  Warsaw


Fokker 100 VIP

7 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Astana


Legacy 600

6 000 EUR

Киев Kherson ➞ Yerevan


Sukhoi Business Jet

8 000 EUR

Киев Borispol ➞ Brussels


Phenom 300

12 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Minsk


Pilatus PC-12

4 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Zagreb


Phenom 300

8 500 EUR

Киев Odessa ➞ Beijing


Gulfstream G150

41 000 EUR

Киев Ivano-Frankivsk ➞ Baku


Nextant 400XTi

14 000 EUR

Киев Dnepropetrovsk ➞ Toronto


Gulfstream G150

43 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Dominican Republic



50 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Athens


Challenger 850

10 000 EUR

Киев Lviv ➞ Tbilisi


Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+

12 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞  Zurich


Gulfstream G150

11 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Almaty


Cessna Citation XLS

23 000 EUR

Prague ➞ Киев Odessa


Cessna Citation Bravo

9 000 EUR

Киев Kherson ➞  Copenhagen


Phenom 300

11 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Amsterdam


Fokker 100 VIP

11 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Monaco


Hawker 1000

12 000 EUR

Dubai ➞ Киев Ivano-Frankivsk


Falcon 8X

22 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ St. Petersburg


Global 5500

7 500 EUR

Киев Dnepropetrovsk ➞ Tashkent


Beech Beechjet 400A

15 000 EUR

Istanbul ➞ Киев Kiev


Cessna Citation Longitude

8 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Seychelles


Falcon 900B

36 000 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Tokyo


Gulfstream G600

47 000 EUR

Mexico City ➞ Киев Ivano-Frankivsk


Global Express XRS

57 000 EUR

Киев Borispol ➞ Lisbon


Legacy 600

20 000 EUR

Киев Kherson ➞ Bishkek


Pilatus PC-12

19 000 EUR

  Riga ➞ Киев Kiev


Learjet 31

6 500 EUR

Киев Kiev ➞ Stockholm


Sukhoi Business Jet

9 000 EUR


In addition, the table below contains data on the flights already made, which can also serve as a guide.


private jet rental in Europe


Examples of rates for flights that have already been completed

Direction PAX Plane Price* Time
Kiev - Dubai 8 ✈ Phenom 300 28 500 € 04:50
Kiev - London 7 ✈ Nextant 400XTi 18 700 € 03:25
Odessa - Maldives (Male) 6 ✈ Pilatus PC-24 34 500 € 08:30
Dnepropetrovsk - Geneva 8 ✈ P.180 Avanti EVO 21 000 € 03:30
 Kharkov - Tokyo 4 ✈ HondaJet 36 900 € 12:10
Kiev - Beijing 4 ✈ Cessna Citation Mustang 36 000 € 05:50
Kiev - Nice 13 ✈ YAK 40 VIP 24 000 € 04:15


Approximate prices, broken down by country:

  • from Ukraine to Spain (Ibiza) from 15 000 EUR;
  • from Ukraine to Spain (Barcelona) from 14 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) from 11 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the UAE (Dubai) from 21 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Qatar (Doha) from 45 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to France (Grenoble) from 13 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to France (Chambery) from 12 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to France (Nice) from 12 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to France (Paris) from 12 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Switzerland (Geneva) from 12 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the United States (Miami) from 49 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Italy (Olbia) from 12 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Japan (Tokyo) from 44 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Italy (Rome) from 11 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Italy (Milan) from 11 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the UK (London) from 13 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to China (Macau) from 43 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to USA (New York) from 41 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to USA (Los Angeles) from 54 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Germany (Berlin) from 8 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Thailand (Pattaya) from 40 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Thailand (Bangkok) from 42 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Monte Carlo (Monaco) from 12 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the Maldives (Maldives) from 34 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the Seychelles (Seychelles) from 35 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the Bahamas (Bahamas) from 48 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Bali (Denpasar) from 55 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) from 48 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Cuba (Havana) from 51 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Greece (Athens) from 46 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Hungary (Budapest) from 6 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Hong Kong from 41 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to India (New Delhi) from 25 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to India (GOA) from 31 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Ireland (Dublin) from 15 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to South Africa (Johannesburg) from 45 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Sri Lanka (Colombo) from 36 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Mazalie (Kuala Lumpur) from 45 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Cyprus (Larnaca) from 11 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Belarus (Minsk) from 4 300 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Germany (Munich) from 9 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Czech Republic (Prague) from 8 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Latvia (Riga) from 5 900 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Singapore - from 42 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Turkey (Istanbul) from 7 500 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Israel (Tel Aviv) from 12 000 EUR;
  • From Ukraine to Canada (Toronto) from 36 500 EUR;


We hope that you found the information you need and were able to get a rough idea of the order of prices for our flights. We also recommend to use a special calculator, which provides the most accurate information on the cost of renting a private plane.


Sign up for price updates on interesting destinations!


Business aviation flights

In contrast to standard flights, for example Ukrainian Airlines, a business flight allows for security, privacy, flexible hours, and more. If all these parameters are important to you, then private jet rental would be an ideal solution.

If you need to go through a lot of procedures to fly with Ukrainian Airlines, then to fly with a private jet you can literally drive up in a few minutes and take off. In addition, there will be no unpleasant passengers, who may also annoy you with their words and behavior. You can be sure that your flight will be confidential, and paparazzi or your competitors won't find out about it.


helicopter charterer


Business aviation flights operate only modern vehicles that are constantly undergoing maintenance. If we take the statistics, it shows the minimum of incidents that have occurred with business airline flights. There has not been a single major incident involving a business level flight in all that time. In addition, the most highly qualified and experienced pilots come to work in this field.



Main benefits
We work only
with experienced pilots,
from 10 years experience
We fly to 193 countries, all over the world
We already have
more than 20
aviation consultants in our team
11 years
of success
in business aviation
from 4 hours are possible
at all stages
Best prices
for private
flights in Ukraine


Features of elite business jets

The service provided by elite business jet provides for the flight according to the customer's requirements as requested by the customer. The customer chooses the date, time and place of departure. Service at the airport takes place in a separate terminal without unnecessary delays and queues.

The customer is on an aircraft that fully meets their needs, from the number of passengers and technical equipment to the interior of the cabin.


business aviation in Ukraine


Certificates and awards

The company's activity is regulated by European standards of service and document flow. We work both with individuals and legal entities. At the conclusion of the contract, a complete list of all documents is provided. Payment is made through a European bank. At the same time, at all stages of work we guarantee high level of confidentiality and guarantee safety of translations. If any difficulties arise, the company is always on hand to meet clients and show maximum flexibility in resolving issues.

awards in private aviation


All business jets are certified and have the appropriate documents. Prior to each flight, the aircraft undergoes complete maintenance and preparation. Renting a plane from us, you can be assured of its reliability and safety. We cooperate with leading jet service companies: Dassault, Cessna, Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, etc. Each aircraft has a set of documents, which can always be consulted when choosing an aircraft.

official business aviation certificates



Airports of departure from Ukraine


Below is a list of the airports from which most departures take place:

  • Boryspil Airport (Boryspil), ICAO code - UKBB, IATA code - KBP, is located in Kiev at the coordinates 50°20°41°N, 30°53°36°E;
  • Dnipropetrovsk Airport (Dnipropetrovsk), ICAO code - UKDD, IATA code - DNK, located in the city of Dnipro, coordinates 48°21°26°N, 35°06°02°E;
  • Zaporozhye Airport (Zaporizhya), UKDE code - UKBB, IATA code - OZH, located in Zaporozhye, coordinates 47°52°01°N, 35°18°57°E;
  • Zhytomyr (Smokivka) Airport, ICAO code - UKKV, IATA code - ZTR, located in Zhytomyr, coordinates 50°16°14°N, 28°44°19°E;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk Airport (Ivano-Frankivsk), ICAO code - UKLI, IATA code - IFO, located in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, coordinates 48°53°03°N, 24°41°10°E;
  • Kyiv - Zhulyany Airport (Kyiv - Zhulyany), ICAO code - UKKK, IATA code - IEV, located in Kyiv, coordinates 50°24°06°N, 30°27°06° E;
  • Krivoy Rog - Lozovatka Airport (Krivoy Rog - Lozovatka), ICAO code - UKDR, IATA code - KWG, located in the city of Krivoy Rog, coordinates 48°02°35°N, 33°12°25°E;
  • Lviv Airport (Lviv), ICAO code - UKLL, IATA code - LWO, located in the city of Lviv, coordinates 49°48°45°N, 23°57°22°E;
  • Mariupol Airport (Mariupol), ICAO code - UKCM, IATA code - MPW, located in the city of Mariupol, coordinates 47°04°21°N, 37°27°23°E;
  • Odessa (Odessa) Airport, ICAO code UKOO, IATA code ODS, located in the city of Odessa, coordinates 46°25°26°N, 30°40°35°E;
  • Kharkov Airport (Kharkiv), ICAO code - UKHH, IATA code - HRK, located in the city of Kharkiv, coordinates 49°55°28°N, 36°17°24°E;
  • Kherson - Chornobaivka Airport (Kherson - Chornobaivka), ICAO code - UKOH, IATA code - KHE, located in Kherson city, coordinates 46°40°05°N, 32°30°07°E;
  • Vinnitsa-Gavryshevka Airport (Vinnitsa-Gavryshevka), ICAO code - UKWW, IATA code - VIN, located in the city of Vinnitsa, coordinates 49°14°22°N, 28°36°50°E;
  • Kirovograd Airport (Kirovograd), ICAO code - UKKG, IATA code - KGO, located in Kropivnitsky, coordinates 48°32°41°N, 32°16°56°E;
  • Poltava (Suprunivka) Airport, ICAO code - UKHP, IATA code - PLV, located in the city of Poltava, coordinates 49°34°26°N, 34°23°55°E;
  • Nikolaev (Mykolaiv) Airport, ICAO code - UKON, IATA code - NLV, located in the city of Nikolaev, coordinates 47°03°28°N, 31°55°11°E;
  • Rivne (Rivne) Airport, ICAO code UKLR, IATA code RWN, located in Rivne, coordinates 50°36°26°N, 26°08°30°E;
  • Sumy Airport (Sumy), ICAO code - UKHS, IATA code - UMY, located in the city of Sumy, coordinates 50°51°30°N, 34°45°45°E;
  • Ternopil Airport (Ternopil), ICAO code - UKLT, IATA code - TNL, located in the city of Ternopil, coordinates 49°31°29°N, 25°42°07°E;
  • Chernivtsi Airport (Chernivtsi), ICAO code - UKLN, IATA code - CWC, located in the city of Chernivtsi, coordinates 48°15°35°N, 25°58°54°E;
  • Cherkasy Airport (Cherkasy), ICAO code - UKKE, IATA code - CKC, is located in the city of Cherkasy, coordinates 49°24°15°N, 32°00°28°E.


For more information on international departures, please contact our flight consultants. In most cases, this issue can be resolved positively, but the departure depends on the availability of an aircraft in the desired region, as well as the characteristics of a particular airfield.


flight map


An online map showing the booked planes in red and the ready-to-fly planes in green:


Customer reviews
In 11 years of work, we have acquired a lot of regular customers.
Here are a few examples of our work:
Corporate Flight
«Always find the best option for the flight by private plane. High level of service.»

Thank you for your responsible and professional approach to your work! Two years of cooperation were very fruitful and passed very quickly. The key point for us was our ability to pay for the aircraft rent through Ukrainian and European banks so everything would be maximum transparent and open. At that, major companies in business aviation, with such requirements, begin to twist their arms and seriously inflate the prices. I am glad that we were able to find mutual understanding and directions for cooperation with you. I would like to mention especially our flight consultant Roman who is always online, promptly resolves force majeure changes, helps to find the best option for our routes.

At the moment we have been using our services for rotational transportation of employees, as well as for top management flights to Europe. Next year we hope to pass to the new stage of our cooperation and sign long-term plane lease. I hope that despite hard times for private aviation, you will continue to work at such a high level and we all will reach new heights. Good luck to you!

Flying on vacation with the family
«Thank you for your help and thank you to the company management.»

It is nice to meet professionals, and in my opinion your company is the benchmark for business aviation. This is not flattery, but just a desire to sincerely thank you for your tactfulness, honesty, conscientious approach to work, and most importantly for me, the rapid response to requests. Unfortunately it is not always possible to plan a trip in advance and in most cases we have to react on the fly, using the opportunity to rest as much as possible. That is why I especially appreciate that the guys always find suitable options for us on the shortest possible dates. Every year we fly to Europe to ski resorts and beach vacations, we book the plane 1-2 days before departure and everything goes smoothly. Several times we had to change departures at the last minute and we always managed to come to an agreement, solve everything without fines and nerves. In addition we love the possibility of ordering meals from our favorite restaurant which are delivered right on board before takeoff.

And the key point that made me decide to write this review is the recent events. As they say a friend is a friend in need. When all that mess with the coronovirus and evacuation of tourists began, you were the only company that stepped in, helped us gather all the documents and permits to bring our relatives from Europe to Ukraine. At the same time, the price of the flight was regular, which was especially striking and pleasantly surprising. I believe that it is in difficult moments when people show their true colors. So once again thank you for your help and express gratitude to the company management.

We look forward to more travels and vacations. And with the air broker, we have resolved the issue 100%, now only to you! I am sure that all the difficult moments will fly by very quickly, as well as your business jets :) We are looking forward to our future trips.

Business flight
«Real experts in business aviation, working without a hitch!»

Individual approach is the main trump card that inclined me to fly through your company. I very much like fast response to all tasks and the ability to resolve issues online, via messengers. At first I booked flights via business assistant, and then we started communicating directly. The flight consultant Evgeniy is a very attentive and responsible person. Quickly found common ground, now I do not spend time explaining: what model of plane I need, what year, my wishes on the size of the cabin, ceiling height, food, etc. I filled out fairly adequate brief once and now my head is not clogged with thoughts of flying. In terms of price, work within the market, the cost is adequate. I got especially good price for small flights within Europe. I flew to the islands with my family a couple of times and found an excellent Legacy, which pleased my folks. They did not let me down either, everything was organised well, no faults.

In my work I periodically encounter other Ukrainian and American operators, in contrast, after you, they are perceived very hard. After all, you get used to good European service quickly, and then it is hard to lower the bar. I hope that you will continue to improve service quality, as well as expand the number of planes in the U.S. and Latin America. If so, you will become an invaluable partner for me. And now, I sincerely wish you to go through this difficult year for aviation with dignity and continue to please your customers! Good luck!


business aviation in Kiev


Office in Kiev


Email: kiev@ukrainianjet.com

Address: Kiev, Medovaya str., 2, VIP terminal of Zhulyany airport

Work hours: Mon-Fri: twenty-four hours; Sat: from 06:00 to 05:00; Sun: from 06:00 to 04:00.


Photos of the central office:


Photos of the office in Kiev


Office on the map:




Office in Boryspil


Email: boryspil@ukrainianjet.com

Address: Boryspil, 7 Boryspil street, VIP terminal of Boryspil airport

Work hours: Mon-Fri: 24/7


Photos of the office:


Photos of the office in Boryspil


Office on the map:




Berlin office


Email: berlin@ukrainianjet.com

Address: Berlin, Flughafen Tegel, 1 (Tegel International Airport Berlin)

Work hours: 24 hours a day


Photos of the office:


Photos of the Berlin office


Office on the map:




Office in Riga


Email: riga@ukrainianjet.com

Address: Riga, LV 1053, Riga International Airport, 10/1 Marupe krai

Work hours: 24/7


Photos of the office:


Photos of the office in Riga


Office on the map:





London office


Email: london@ukrainianjet.com

Address: London, City Aviation House, Royal Docks, London, E 16 2 PX (London City International Airport)

Work hours: 24/7


Photos of the office:


Photos of the London office


Office on the map:




Answers to the most common customer questions


What is called a charter flight?

A charter flight is a special order flight that carries passengers according to pre-agreed conditions (time and route).


Can the client change the conditions of the reserved flight?

Our company cares about client's interests, therefore we will do our best to change flight schedule and routing if necessary. We are ready to change the date and time so that the client does not suffer any financial losses.


What are the payment methods for a private charter flight?

You can pay for your charter flight by different payment methods - in cash, by non-cash transfer under the agreement or by credit card. Also please note that the financial institution transferring the funds may charge a small fee for using a credit card. According to airline rules the entire amount is to be paid before the start of the flight.


What is included in the price listed in your offers?

The amount quoted in our company's offers includes all services except the cost of De-icing, the de-icing treatment. The latter is only done if absolutely necessary. Sometimes, a small surcharge is also charged for meals (if exclusive beverages or meals are ordered). All details are preliminary discussed with the client during preparation for the flight.


Business jet - what is it?

Business jet is a passenger plane, designed for the most comfortable flight for VIPs (officials, businessmen and wealthy people). Such flights provide maximum comfort during the flight - VIP menu, music, bed, TV, internet, telephone, bathroom, etc. are provided. A business plane is like a full office with all conveniences, so even after a long flight a person feels fresh and rested.


Of how many people does the crew consist?

The number of crew members depends on the type of aircraft. One professional pilot is sufficient for a safe flight on a small or sport aircraft with a turboprop engine. As for jet aircraft, they require 2 professional pilots and cabin crew. Note, however, that our clients have the right to request additional personnel on almost every aircraft.


Do you do the paperwork required for a charter flight?

Yes, our specialists provide the full package of documents required for the flight. As a rule, they include an agreement and application for the flight, an invoice, a certificate of services / work performed and an invoice.


Where does one register for a charter flight?

Travel by private jet has a high level of service. Many of the advantages are felt already at the airport. For example, check-in for the flight takes place at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT), located at some distance from regular flights. It is located near the main terminal and is used not only by pilots, but also by general aviation passengers.

The general aviation terminals are designed to provide maximum convenience and quick access to private aircraft. Security control at such terminals is carried out in accordance with generally accepted standards, which apply to terminals of regular flights as well. Due to the relatively low passenger traffic here, the passage of the control service in the general-purpose terminal is quite fast. It takes no more than 15 minutes to cover the distance between the parking lot and the aircraft. From the terminal, passengers are picked up by the crew members of the charter plane. As for smaller airports, which do not have a general purpose terminal, passengers quickly bypass passport control and board the plane with the pilot.


Is there internet on board the charter plane?

When flying long distances (between the continents), we provide our customers with free Internet access with very high speed.


How much baggage can I take on board?

Restrictions on luggage weight are related only to the size of the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Passengers planning to carry many suitcases or any oversized cargo should use an aircraft with a large luggage compartment. This is due to generally accepted safety rules, according to which transportation of luggage in the cabin is strictly prohibited. Your personal manager can provide you with detailed information on how much luggage can fit on each business jet.


Which airplanes are worth choosing?

When choosing an aircraft, you should take into account several important criteria. As a rule, it is a flight route, number of passengers, budget, and personal customer preferences. After analyzing each of these points, your personal charter expert will give you a choice of several types of business jets. Each expert working with you will thoroughly explain and justify all the advantages of their proposals. In addition, each of you may personally examine the models of charter airliners in the "Airplanes" section or go to the "Aircraft Comparison" tab..


Some airports limit their hours of operation. Can it be extended if I fly private?

Generally, extending the opening hours of an airport when a private aircraft is departing or arriving is not too much of a problem. All situations are handled individually. If your flight is delayed or you need a later or earlier departure, please inform us as soon as possible. Our company's specialists will do their best to keep the airport running.


How does booking a private business jet work?

You can book a business jet in three different ways - by phone, by e-mail and by filling out the online application form on the website.


Are cats, dogs, and other pets allowed on the plane?

In the vast majority of cases passengers of charter flights have no problem with taking pets on board. But you should have all the necessary documents. Also note that passengers who are planning an air travel with a pet must notify us in advance. This will allow us to check the details and make sure that all airports have special veterinary control stations.


When might a flight pose a health risk to the passenger?

The same restrictions apply on private flights as on scheduled flights. According to generally accepted rules, air travel is not recommended to people who suffer from vascular diseases, respiratory problems, acute infectious diseases of the lungs, blood, stomach and skin, or psychiatric disorders, accompanied by aggressive or unpredictable behaviour. In addition, this list includes babies who are less than 3 weeks old and pregnant women who are more than 36 weeks pregnant.


How quickly does it take to arrange a charter flight from the moment I contact your company?

The minimum time to organize the flight from the time of application is 3-4 hours before the scheduled time of departure. During this period our employees will deal with organizational issues regarding the flight, the selection of a suitable business jet, crew and attendants.


Is it possible to hold business meetings on board your aircraft? Are there any conditions for this?

It is standard practice to hold business meetings on board modern aircraft. Our chartered aircraft will allow you to hold meetings with your employees or partners via satellite communication (Internet or telephone).


What kind of meals does your company provide during the flight?

One of the standard offerings of any private airplane is providing passengers with VIP meals of high quality. Our company provides services of the highest international standards. When organizing meals of deluxe class, we take into account all your wishes. If necessary, we shall bring on board any dish from your favorite cafe or restaurant. We will do everything to make sure you feel no shortage of the usual soft drinks and refined food from our chefs.


Is it possible to select air crew?

Selecting the crew to serve the aircraft is quite a complex and responsible procedure. As a rule, each aircraft has its own crew. But we consider changing flight attendants at your request. Besides, we can provide 2 stewardesses for your flight.


How many beds does a private aircraft have? Are there any sleeping arrangements?

A charter aircraft offers all the conditions necessary for comfortable lodging of the passengers. The cabin of the rented aircraft can contain both a small sofa and entire sleeping rooms with shower cabins and well-equipped relaxation areas. The aviation consultants of our company will do everything to make your flight most pleasant. In case of a long flight lasting for many hours we will choose a charter plane with the most comfortable conditions for rest and sleep! And for those flying with children, an airplane with a sofa may be necessary even on short flights. We will discuss with you all the details and choose the best options.


What is meant by expedited passport control? Does this mean that there are different rules and laws in business aviation?

Business aviation has the same security rules and customs laws and regulations as any other civil aviation flight. As for the quick customs control procedure, it is practiced in almost all VIP terminals. This is what will save you a lot of time and nerves. All procedures are as quick as possible and do not cause unnecessary stress.


Is there a doctor on board? If not, who among staff can provide quality medical assistance?

There are no doctors on private planes. Qualitative and efficient medical assistance in case of emergency is provided by a flight attendant - she undergoes special training.


What happens if I am late for the flight?

In the case of renting a private jet it is common practice, so our company tries to handle such situations with the utmost understanding. The only thing you should do is notify our ground staff of your delay. This is the only way for us to take all necessary measures in time to change your flight time.


At which airports do I land and depart?

Our customers can choose any airport with IATA and ICAO codes for take-off and landing. The only limitations are the width and length of the runway. It must be suitable for the aircraft type.


Can I take on-board sports equipment or bulky goods?

The transportation of sports equipment and special loads of various sizes (skis, golf accessories, etc.) is subject to the category of the aircraft. When placing your order and discussing all the details with the manager, please let us know if you would like to charter an aircraft of this class. We will develop an optimal variant for you.


What charter is suitable for a group of 8 passengers? An important condition is comfort and reliability.

You can choose any aircraft from the Hawker 850 to the Challenger 300, offering the best value for money. Alternatively you can choose either the Global 6000 or the Gulfstrem 650, depending on what you want.


Is it permitted to smoke on board a business jet?

Smoking on board a charter aircraft is permitted only with the owner's permission. If this condition is extremely important for you, please inform our manager about it when discussing chartering a business jet.


How fast do you reply to your inquiry?

Aviation managers of our company will send you a charter helicopter or an airplane within 60 minutes after your request. In the case of urgent flights we are able to process your charter request even quicker. Our managers will contact you as soon as we have the first available options.


Can children fly on an unaccompanied private jet?

Children can be carried on charter flights only if they have a notarial power of attorney, drawn up by their legal representatives. If you are in need of such services, please contact our manager, who is responsible for client services. He/she will choose experienced and competent chaperones for your child, who will be by his/her side during the whole flight.


What is the level of training of the pilots? How well is the safety of the flight ensured?

All pilots flying business jets are certified and receive a pilot's license. Both the airline itself and all its employees are certified and receive authorization to work. Some time after graduation pilots go on refresher courses. In addition they regularly undergo all sorts of training.


Can I know who and where exactly will be meeting me at the airport?

After confirmation of the charter our managers send the client all necessary information about the flight. Your personal adviser remains available round the clock, so all your questions can be asked at any time.


Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. Information about all financial costs is provided to the client prior to the individual flight. All applicable fees and taxes are included.


Can I change the number of passengers and route?

Yes, the existing conditions for using charter flights allow customers to make adjustments to the itinerary and the number of passengers. The only condition is that customers must be given advance notice. All you need to do is contact your personal manager. In addition, we note that changing the number of passengers is possible only if there are the necessary number of seats on board the rented aircraft.


Will the cost of a charter flight change if more people fly?

The price of the flight does not depend on the number of people on board. The only exception to this rule is the surcharge for the use of the VIP-terminal at some airports. You should also take into account the technical characteristics of the aircraft. They are individual for each flight. That is why we ask you to inform your personal flight manager when you add extra persons. He will be able to check everything and get all necessary approvals.


Is there always a flight attendant on board the charter flight?

A flight attendant may not be present in all cases - it all depends on the type of charter. On short lightjet flights the comfort of the passengers is taken care of by the assistant captain. If we are talking about midsize aircraft and above, the stewardess is almost always present. All specific preferences are discussed individually.


Can I rent just a few seats on the cabin instead of the whole cabin?

In our company it is not possible to rent one or several seats. Chartering a private jet involves booking the entire aircraft.


What does the price for hiring a charter aircraft consist of?

The rent rate of a private jet includes the price of the aircraft, prepared for the flight, food, air navigation charges, crew operating hours, company manager's services and the use of the VIP terminal by the clients. The final cost of the flight is provided by a special charter expert.


Are there any deadlines for arrival at the airport?

The check-in deadline at the private airport terminal is 15 minutes prior to departure. Even so, we recommend arriving at the airport about 40 minutes before your flight. This allows you to check in without rushing and hassle.